The program will be presented in Finnish

except international parts.

TUESDAY 22 January 2019
Theme: Multi-Channel Ecommerce Enables Buying Anywhere
Moderator Tuomas Jäälinoja, Director of Strategy and Accounts, Klok
KEYNOTE: How to Act in the Fast Paced Global Business Environment
Rocky af Ekenstam Brennicke, Global Marketing Director, Cheap Monday (H&M)
  • Customer value without force feeding
  • Leadership in the digital age
4 Points on Paying in 2019
Johannes Kumpukoski, Sales Director, Paytrail
  • What the online payment landscape will look like in 2019 from a merchant and consumer perspective
  • PSD2, Open Banking, payment method automation: how will upcoming changes affect the daily life of a merchant?
  • Insights derived from the data from Paytrail's payment service and the Finnish E-commerce 2018 report
Exponential Speed of Changing B2B Customers' Purchasing Behavior
Andreas Fritz, Head of Nordic B2B Payments, Collector Bank
  • Insights how to take advantage of the great potential of B2B e-commerce
  • The Swedish B2B e-commerce Convert 2019 report
The Benefits of Blockchain for eCommerce
Fito Benitez, Marketing Director, Heat Ledger
  • Current barriers to ecommerce growth
  • Speeding growth through blockchain-enabled solutions
  • Case example from Paytah Payment Solutions
The drivers of a Seamless Purchase Experience
Petteri Miettinen, Director, Bisnode 
  • Research results from 3000 consumer interviews
  • Tools for growing visitor count and conversion
  • Managing payment related risk while simultaneously improving conversion
10:35 BREAK
How to Screw Up Black Friday
Benny Öhman, Director, Svea Ekonomi
Patrik Ekman, CXO & Co-Founder, Maksuturva Group
  • Party Party Party – rocketing sales figures
  • Followed by Remorse and a hangover?
  • How to avoid the penance…
Giving Consumers Superpowers 
Jani Tyyni, Vice President, Klarna
  • What is smoooth shopping?
  • Who are the winners and losers in the future?
  • Winning together with merchants, partners and consumers

10 Not to Do's When Building Great Digital Business 
Matti Djateu, CDO, Solteq
  • Learnings from the past 20 years, things to consider while developing your digital business

12:25 LUNCH
Theme: Driving Customer Experience & Digital Growth
The Importance Of Cybersecurity In Modern E-Commerce
Juha-Pekka Leskinen, Director of Consulting Services, Netum
  • Trust is a must
  • Cloud Security Tips for eCommerce
Faster Deliveries and Better Logistics
Erkki Vehman, Business Manager, Matkahuolto
  • The quality of tracking counts: reassure your online customers
  • More cooperation between ecommerce, global logistics and technology
  • International Shipping: Everything You Need to Know to Deliver Beyond Your Borders
E-Commerce in the Context of Global Competition
Arne B Andersson, Nordic E-commerce Advisor, Postnord, Sweden
  • Forthcoming changes on the horizon in B2C delivery operations and customer experience
  • How to gain competitive advantage in global e-commerce logistics
  • Case Alibaba​​
  • Case: Amazon
Be Successful in E-Commerce International
Stephan Grad, CEO, A-Commerce
  • Germany, Austria and Switzerland: Important regions with different thinking
  • Act international, think Local
  • Be there on a personal level
14:45 BREAK

The Future of Sales Oriented AI Chatbots – How Do They Change the Game?
Juha Sulkakoski, Founder & CEO, Upseller
  • Chatbots are invading e-commerce and customer service, faster than you think
  • Ai Chatbots are not just dumb popups. They can sell.
  • Voice assistants, how about finnish?
Case SeaLife Helsinki: Exploitation of AI and Machine Learning on Ticket Sales 
Mikko Riistama, CEO, SeaLife Helsinki
  • Digital consumers demand personalized shopping experiences and tailored choices
  • Tackling pricing and volume challenges in a seasonal business with AI-solution
  • Continuous machine learning in a digital sales channel
How to Thrive in the Time of eCommerce and Global Business?
Mika Niemi, CEO, Edututor & Director, Bygghemma & Chairman, Levykauppa Äx...
  • Biggest trends in eCommerce: Is it all about technology or commerce?
  • Success cases from over-competed or dying markets - what do the winners do differently?
  • How to thrive on a national level: Problems and solutions regarding the internal market in Finland and the EU

The program will be presented in Finnish except for the international parts.




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